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6 Amazing Benefits Of Lemon Essential Oil

Essential oils are full of benefits, some are good for hair and skin while a few work magically to cure several health issues. Out of the many types of essential oils, lemon oil comes with great benefits.

However, to get the best benefits of lemon essential oil, it is necessary that you choose the right one. This lemon oil is available in the market under many different brand names and lemon myrtle essential oil is known for its quality and affordable price. Click here to know more about the brand natural skin care products, visit

Caring your skin with lemon oil – It is detoxifying in nature and is good for treating pimples and can lower excessive oil on the skin. Try to use good quality oil, like lemon myrtle essential oil to treat your skin and enjoy a smooth and soft skin. When used properly, lemon essential oil can make your skin bright.

Apart from taking a major role in the daily regimen of skin care of fashionistas, lemon oil is also known for its amazing health benefits. And here are a few of them discussed:

6 health benefits of lemon oil

It is good for stomach issues – Lemon oil is very good for your health. It is able to support many stomach difficulties as acidity, upset stomach, cramps and indigestion. It is recommended to add three drops of lemon oil into water to lessen heartburn, acid indigestion.

It cleans your body – It is suggested that one ought to add 8 ounces of water for having a gentle and natural body cleaning in morning. You can clean your kidneys, liver and digestive system by using this oil. Moreover, add lemon oil to public water for killing the germs.

It is good for immune system – Lemon essential oil has very high vitamin content, which is very beneficial for a body’s immune system. It assists to stimulate white blood cells, so it enhances a person’s ability for fighting off diseases. It also helps to improve circulation in the whole body.

It helps cure sore throat – For soothing a sore and scratchy throat, a person must add lemon essential oil to hot water and honey.

It helps in fever – Lemon oil is very much effective against various diseases, as malaria, typhoid and fever. You must add one drop of lemon, peppermint oil to the bottoms of a person’s feet for lessening fever. It will also offer relief to the infection.

It helps to lose weight – Lemon essential oil is very useful in losing weight and it aids to satisfy an individual’s appetite. If you add this kind of oil to water or in your favorite beverage, then it can aid to lower the chance of overeating.

The Different Uses of Fish in Our Eco-Systems


Fish make a delicious main dish at dinner, but apart from their nutritional and gastronomical value, they contribute significantly to the various eco- systems in which they live. Whether the fish live in freshwater, sea water or brackish water, fish perform a variety of functions that maintain the balance of their environment. Here are some examples of the different functions of fish in the environment:

Enrich Their Surroundings

This is especially true of tropical coastal fish, who researchers have found contributes vastly to the enrichment and nourishment of their marine eco systems. Plants in tropical seas need high amounts of nitrates and phosphates to survive as the waters are lacking in minerals compared to other coastal belts. Fish in tropical waters have adapted to pass mineral rich excrement which fall to the sea bed and enrich the plants. In this way, the fish help maintain the very plants they sometimes feed off of.

Clean Up their Surroundings

There are many different kinds of fish who clean up their surroundings. Certain kinds of shrimp, the bristlenose plecos and Siamese algae eater are freshwater fish who eat algae in water bodies while koi carp are great for algae control in ponds.
Other types of fish such as ramshorn snails also excel at algae control in ponds and are therefore in high demand in the commercial ornamental fish industry. Even fish that live in the ocean contribute to purifying their environments by eating dead organisms, certain bacteria and amoeba and plants that would otherwise litter the ocean.

Create Their Surroundings

When they die, fish become part of the landscape – in lakes and other fresh water bodies, their skeletons add to the mineral content of the water while in the ocean, smaller fish become food for bigger fish. Other types of fish literally create their surroundings. For instance, the polyp is a tiny sea creature that lives in coral reefs. When it dies, its limestone skeleton calcifies and becomes part of the coral reef. In fact, corals are created when a polyp attaches itself to the sea bed or a rock somewhere and then “clones” itself to create hundreds of other polyps. Eventually they die and become the corals that then in turn become complex eco systems for all kinds of marine life.

Replenish their Surroundings

Fish also perform an important function, particularly in large bodies of water: they aerate it. bodies of water that do not have any kind of living organisms soon become infested with toxic plant growth due to lack of oxygenation in the lower depths. Still bodies of water such as ponds and lakes also have a higher incidence of pollution because no pollutants are washed away. When there are fish in the water, they constantly churn it up as they move through the water and come up to the surface. In this way, fish help keep still bodies of water aerated and this makes it possible for other organisms to live and grow in the water.

Taking Alternative Treatment

Alternative medication has been around since time in memorial, despite many claims from professional scientist, doctors and so on stating that it isn’t scientifically effective, it has shown otherwise. Alternative medication and therapies are numerous and have originated from various cultures around the globe.

Examples of alternative medication and therapies include acupuncture, ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and so on. If you have ever tried some form of alternative treatment you would have already experienced the unique effect it brings upon you. Now keep in mind not every alternative medicine is useful let alone good. There have been reports saying that some are even toxic and poisonous so make sure you do your research before engaging in any.

Treatment For Your Well Being

There are many ways to enhance your well being and help your blood flow with more ease. Take ear cones for example and even acupuncture.

Ear cones have been claimed to improve your general health and overall well being, the procedure of lighting a hollow candle and placing it’s opposite end into your ear canal to ‘vacuum’ up the debris inside it. There are however claims that make it unsuitable, as mentioned earlier do your research before you attempt any form of alternative medication.

Despite the scientific community shutting it down, there are over a million and more reports of alternative medication curing individuals of problems that modern medicine failed to. Acupuncture is one of the most well known forms of alternative medication, it involves the use of needles to stimulate pressure points in the body where nerves are found. The resulting effect has been known to promote overall healthier blood flow and better well being as well.

Treatment for Medication

The best treatment one can ever obtain is by a healthy supply of food and nourishment. Of course despite all this there are moments where your immune system will simply fail you with the arrival of a new threat. Be it a bacterial or viral infection there are times where scientific medicine will simply not help. To avoid this there are many traditional immune system boosting supplements of traditional medicine that can help avoid it. However it’s best taken when only prescribed. If you do however unfortunately become sick do look in to some alternative medication for a change. For example Ayurvedic treatment has been known for centuries to help cure a long list of diseases at the first sign of symptoms. Remember these are medications that have evolved over centuries and your forefathers have used them at everyday use. Alternative medication is simply wrongfully blacklisted without deeper research.

Prevention Is Better Than Cure

You know that there are so many diseases in world that we lost count of. Every disease is a by product of the pollution caused by people. The pollution might be on different sources but because of pollution, you are risking your life because of your own stupid in consider ways of polluting the environment.

To avoid getting any disease from water, it is better to drink water which is purified and boiled. You can also install these purifying machines like Aquafina, aqua guard etc.

You can fix a carbon shower filter which one of the common types of filter. It is cost efficient and affordable. It is also cheap because the activated carbon used inside the filter is easily available. But this type of filter is not very effective in removing chemicals from showers or water you are filtering because the filter is affected by heat. If the water being filtered is at a certain temperature, it will negate the activates carbon in the filter and the filter will have no use. Therefore, you should have these types of filters only in kitchen sinks or similar place. For bathing and other places where you make use of hot water like bath and showers, you should go for other types of shower head filters.

Vitamin c shower filter is one of the best shower filters available at the moment but they are not popular filters. They effectively filter almost all chlorine present in water leaving an exploration of one per cent whereas other filters are not so efficient on absorbing the chlorine in water. They also remove other impurities like chloramines and sediment.

In the filter, they had infuses a tube containing ascorbic acid that is allowed to interfere with the chlorine; the chloramines and other impurities and neutralizes them. They are really costly and needs replacements once in two to four months depending on the number of times, you take shower each day. The filter is transparent therefore you can see the level of absorbing acid in the shower head.

Two stage filters are one of the more productive filters, they have two uses in one item. They reduce the amount of chlorine and other chemical impurities present in the water and they also improve the pH value and balance in water. The filter had employed zinc and granular copper to filter chlorine and other chemical impurities in the first stage. Activated carbon is used in the second stage to filter the additional impurities.

There is one more type of filter called KDF filters. They make use of equal parts copper and zinc. When these dissimilar metals are pressed against each other, their imbalance creates a tiny electrical charge. This is used to remove impurities from water and releases them in the water as a water soluble compound thus it is harmless. But the disadvantage of this filter is they do not cause any change to chloramines and are not applicants in low pressure near showers.